Organizing your Survival Gear and Preps

The next most important thing to having survival gear on hand is knowledge, and next to that is keeping that gear organized so you know how to find it when you need it most.

A list of Products discussed in this video
The Bug Out Roll

I have a youtube channel that makes content for survivalists, preppers, hunters, and outdoorsman. It goes without saying that your store is a preppers paradise and I think that we could negotiate a deal that would be beneficial for both of us.

Here are some statistics for my channel

Powerfilm Solar

5 Watt

12 watt panel

30 Watt

60 Watt

Sog Sealpup

Onntario SP8 Machete

Shortwave radio Tecsun

Portable Crank Generator (KTor powerbox)

Portable Crank charger (Smaller)


Jetboil cooking system

Solo Stove

Toilet paper tablets

500 Pack of toilet tablets

RZ Filter Mask (Camo)

Survivor Filter

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After the Collapse Series Playlist Here:

Gear Review Playlist

Interviews with Youtube Preppers

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