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Top Items Every Prepper Should Have

Top Items Every Prepper Should Have

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This is even more critical than food. You can go as long as three weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. Make sure you have water on-hand and make sure you have a way to cleanse water when you have to make do with what you find outside.

Bottled Water
Hopefully, you will be able to bug in for an extended period of time. Having bottled water stored away will help ease the burden when you are getting your footing in tough times. You should have a minimum of two weeks’ worth of bottled water stored away, but as much as a couple of months. Again, if the emergency is short-lived, this will be enough to get you through.
Rain Barrel
If you are bugging in over the long-term, you will need a water-collection system of some kind. A rain barrel is the simplest option. Be sure to have at least one or two of these on your property and you can capture rainwater. Even if you live in an apartment with a balcony, you can use a rain barrel to collect water. Just don’t catch it as runoff from the roof as most roofing tiles contain chemicals that can contaminate the water.

Water Bottles
It never hurts to carry a couple of extra water bottles with you. This way, you can carry extra water with you if you have distance to travel between water sources. Stainless steel or Nalgene water bottles are best.

Personal Hygiene and Safety
Personal hygiene is even more important in emergency situations than during everyday life. We have so many conveniences at our disposal in our society. Yet many people don’t realize the challenges when those conveniences are no longer available.

Personal hygiene is really about keeping clean and avoiding unsanitary conditions that can lead to illness. The following are must-haves for your prepper supplies:

First Aid Ki
NEVER be without a first aid kit. Even in good times, we need to have access to first aid kits to see us through minor emergencies. But in catastrophic situations, even small medical emergencies can turn into a serious health risk. In fact, a small cut can be life-threatening if it gets infected.

You absolutely MUST have a good first aid kit that is accessible no matter where you are. That means having one in your get home bag, your bug out bag, your vehicle, and your home.

Oral Hygiene
There are many types of hygiene products that keep you clean and smelling nice. Well, I can tell you that when it comes to a true survival situation, who cares how your pits smell. Really. As long as you have some soap and water, you’re good. But your oral care CANNOT suffer—and this isn’t because of the risk of bad breath.

Oral care is critical because if you end up with cavities, you can very quickly find out how bad dental issues can become. A tooth infection is no laughing matter. It CAN kill. So, make sure you have toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste/baking soda in your oral hygiene kit.

Heat Source
If you live where winter reigns half the year, you need to be ready for a grid-down situation during the cold months. This means having a safe, reliable heat source. Ideally, you would have a wood stove. A fireplace is also a plus.

But if you don’t have either of these, then your next best bet is to have a portable propane or kerosene heater in your prepper gear. And have plenty of extra fuel to go with it. The Mr. Heater is a good choice. It’s safe for indoor use, but have a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector on-hand, just in case.

18. Flashlight
This might seem basic, but it is so important. Spend some money to get high-quality LED flashlights for your prepper gear. These will help you light your way in the dark and are safer than candles. They can also help you identify danger and can be used in self-defense.

After all, if the light is low and you shine a flashlight in the eyes of an assailant, you will blind them long enough to get away or get the upper hand in a confrontation. Just make sure to have backup batteries.

Tarp|Trash bag
A tarp is an indispensable part of your prepper gear. You can use a tarp for so many things, such as:

A poncho when it’s raining
To help conceal or hide you
As ground cover
As a tent
To cover and protect your gear
To catch rain
As a stretcher
As a hammock
To build a raft
Tarps are truly indispensable. So, make sure you have at least one in your prepper gear.


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