Survival Gardening


Mist Survival has a farming option to plant food and grow your own tomatoes to subsist off. Now only if I could make some ketchup for my steaks (blasphemy!).

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Currently in alpha testing, MIST SURVIVAL is a Single-player, survival stealth sandbox game. Players will experience an apocalypse simulation the form of a virus pandemic. Players have to survive through difficulties such as finding shelter and food, fending off threats from bandits, the infected and wild animals.


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Hey everybody, I’m stephentube1967 and welcome to my YouTube channel. I make videos for mostly early access survival games like The Infected, Subsistence, Mist Survival, 7 Days To Die, Phasmophobia, Valheim and Stranded Deep. I do videos every single day – including gameplays, tutorials, and news. I’ll see you in the next video – later dudes.

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