SHTF Get Home Bag. Be Prepared. Essential Survival Gear for Emergency Preparedness to Keep you Alive

Blades, bullets and bags we cover the basics of a realistic, lightweight GET HOME BAG packed with the vital needs to get you home when the SHTF or if the poop stayed below the fan blades and you just had a flat tire between cell towers…What are you going to do when disaster strikes? A city can be shut down in an instant over some idiot threatening to destroy the banking headquarters because he is late on his mortgage payment. Then what? Is an urban survival bag so stupid when you can’t walk to safety? Natural disasters aren’t planned, people are nuts these days, vehicle breakdowns happen, tragedy strikes when it feels like it. It’s simple to make a bag now that could save your life, or just make it a little more comfortable while you wait for a ride. You aren’t a nut loon or an overzealous Emergency Prepper if you have a little forethought about what might happen. Survival is human nature so spend a little time today making something just in case you need emergency food. Having an emergency food supply with you if you have a car accident in a rural area without cell service is just part of being smart. A get home bag is not only being prepared for societal collapse, doomsday, or an EMP. Take a Bushcraft blade with you humans! You’re likely not wealthy enough to have a bugout location so a giant bugout bag is tough to toss in the vehicle and be practical to swiftly move with. Make a vehicle get home bag people! It’s small but mighty. I like using the black totes from Costco to toss my gear in the vehicle. If you have a friend or family member that is frozen in fear over the mere mention of disaster, WWIII, apocalypse, the second coming of Christ, and they choose to live blissfully ignorant of anything that can happen, then make them a bag without their knowledge, throw it in the car next to yours. If SHTF hand to them say “here carry this, do everything I say, follow me, I got you”. You can train them how to survive as you go if you have too. Pre making their bag is the FIRST step towards saving their life. Martial law isn’t just a declaration of war folks. Some idiots could have started a riot over another social movement that shuts your town down. We’ve all seen VERY recently what can happen. A major city can be “occupied” by civilians that leads to “innocent little you” being stuck. TAKE SOME SNACKS. Yes, urban survival is a real possibility.

Let’s be real here…Martial law will not come when you happen to be at Wally World, so you can grab the “10 most essential things to grab from Walmart when the SHTF”. The following is more likely to happen…it will be in the middle of the night when most people are home, the roads clear, and asleep dreaming about the steak dinner they had that night. First all comm lines will be cut. You’ll be asleep and have no idea that your cell phone won’t do more than hold down your paper, yep landlines too. All major feeder roads in and out will be blocked by the national guard while you’re snoozing away. Then power will be cut, and you’ll think it’s just another power outage. Next the local authorities will roll thru on loud speakers declaring martial law, curfews, and instructions on when and where you can go. What the hell good is your bugout bag when forced to shelter in place? if you happen to be out when this goes down WHAT WILL YOU DO? how do you contact your peeps?
I realize there are few things I forgot to mention…I can be a little hyper. Gloves are a good idea. A multitool is essential. Trash bags are invaluable. A freaking compass. let me know what I forgot or any ideas that you have.

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