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Grow Kale : Survival Gardening in Zone 8b #shorts

It’s difficult to grow anything in Zone 8b. Our homestead is not exactly in the subtropics nor in a temperate zone. Sandy soil is also prevalent in our area. Few plants, except native ones, are well adapted to our climate. We get harsh summers and mild winters dotted with freezes that kill tropical plants that thrived in the summer, and young “cold-tolerant” non-deciduous trees like citrus and avocados. It took a lot of research and experimentation to find out what works, and one plant that does great in our climate is kale! We’ve grown varieties of kale, and most are heat tolerant and frost lovers. You can treat them like perenials, saving you the trouble of replanting every season, and their leaves are loaded with nutrients and lactobacilus, which is very important for your gut an mental health. Add kale to your survival garden today! -Liza,

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