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7 Fast Producing Fruit Trees Every Floridian Needs

Growing fruit trees in Florida is a no brainer for Florida homesteading. I show you 7 fast producing fruit that I grow in my small urban food forest. I’m located in St. Petersburg so it is a blending of south Florida fruit trees and a central Florida food forest. All of them fit in small spaces, offer fast fruit production, and are easy to grow in a Florida homestead garden. These tropical fruit in Florida will put a smile on your face and fruit in the fridge!

0:00 Fast Producing Fruit Trees
1:34 Mulberry Tree
2:20 Banana Tree
3:24 Jamaican Cherry Tree
4:31 Citrus Tree
5:34 Jujube (Chinese Date)
7:11 Barbados Cherry Tree
8:08 Blueberries
9:20 Fast Fruiting Varieties in Florida

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