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How to Prep for Anal Sex (first time tips and tricks): Get your booty, body, and mind ready [2021]

Considering trying anal sex for the first time? Need advice on how to prep or sex positions, but a little afraid to ask? In this video, Carrie discusses anal sex, preperation tips and tricks for your first time, and how bidets are perfect for upkeeing sexual hygiene befroe and after anal sex. Check out this video and let us know your questions and thoughts in the comments!

Timestamps below to guide you through the video:
00:00 Introductions
01:33 All about Enemas + Future Method
02:37 The TUSHY Bidet
03:21 Eat what feels right for you
04:08 How to train your booty
05:00 Types of lube
06:15 Breathing and sex positions for anal sex
07:15 Communication is key
08:31 Learn more about the TUSHY Movement FB Group

To learn more about anal sex, check out our blogs below:

To learn more about the TUSHY bidet and our other products here:
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Check out Future Method here:
Lubes we recommend:
Silicone-based lube: //
Coconut-based lube:
Water-based lube:

** ALSO!!! ** We invite you to join our TUSHY Community, The TUSHY Movement: gut feelings, bidet life, and butt stuff.

***More about the TUSHY Movement Group. It’s a private group hosted on Facebook Groups and this is a judgment-free zone to share your bathroom experiences, humor, questions about poop, gut health, butt health, and all things bathroom sustainability. We welcome every human who poops to join us in breaking down the stigma of talking about poop, gut health, and bathrooms.

Join with this link here **make sure to answer all the entry questions**.

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