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Newbie Prepper Step 9 – Building Long-Term Survival Food Supply

Building a survival food supply from long-term dry goods doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. This is fondly referred to in our family as “hunger insurance.” Best of all, the premiums are edible.

In Prep Step #9, you will build a shelf-stable food supply that can last for many years to ensure that your family doesn’t go hungry when times get tough.

New to prepping? Let’s get started: Newbie Prepper: Ten Simple Steps to Get Started

Newbie Prepper Playlist:

An inexpensive place to purchase basic dry goods in #10 cans ready for storage is at a Home Storage Center operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Links discussed in the video:
**Valley Food Storage (good option for “clean” food storage)
**Ready Hour Food Storage
**Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer
**Wallaby Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers Use the promo code PROVIDENT5 for $5 off.
**Food Data Central (for moisture content)

Reading Assignments at :
Long Term Food Storage: Creative Solutions to Build a Critical Asset

Packaging Dry Foods in Plastic Bottles for Long Term Food Storage

Packaging Dry Foods in Glass Jars for Long Term Food Storage

How to Package Dry Foods in Mylar Bags for Long Term Storage

How to Safely Use Oxygen Absorbers to Extend the Shelf Life of Long Term Food Storage

Long Term Food Storage: Best Containers and Treatment Methods

3 Months’ Supply of Food: Amazing Peace of Mind

The Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Food Storage

8 Food Storage Enemies and How to Slay Them

Food Storage “How and Where” Action Plan

Set a realistic goal to start building your long-term food supply. Remember … slow and steady wins the race. We NEVER encourage anyone to go into debt to purchase food storage or tools. You can do this very inexpensively if you get creative and aren’t afraid to work hard.

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