Survival Gardening

3 Garden Ideas for Minecraft Survival | World Download for Bedrock & Java (Schematic Available) 2021

This video shows the creation of 3 Minecraft Garden ideas that can be downloaded for Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition FREE, plus a house schematic

In today’s video in my “ideas Series” with Avomance, I am giving you three garden ideas that you might want to take inspiration from.
Each of these gardens is built around the exact same house – which makes it interesting

There is a world download for this minecraft world for both Bedrock and Java

The Garden designs are:
Minecraft Rustic Garden
Modern Minecraft Garden
Japanese Garden Design

Let me know what you think of these easy Minecraft ideas that you can use in your own world!
A simple Minecraft Tutorial on how to make a garden in Minecraft

Top 3 gardens!!


You can have a Free World Download of this world for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition – to get the download link, visit my discord.

You will also get the schematic for the house I use in all three minecraft garden designs at the same place


I mention the other ideas videos which you can access here:

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Watch the whole series from Minecraft Episode 1. Ep1 is great fun!


(C) Avomance 2021
Minecraft Design Ideas and World Downloads (2021)

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