Survival Gear Necessary for Nuclear Fallout and Aftermath

This is part of the Apocalypse Tips – Nuclear War Survival Series.
The use of NBC Suits should be examined carefully. In the section discussing the NBC suits, I just want to clarify that most of these suits do NOT shield against radiation. They do shield against radioactive particles. This is the dust and debris created and irradiated by the nuclear detonation. These suits will prevent particles from being contacted with and also prevent inhalation and ingestion. There are specialized suits on the market that do shield against radioactive waves, but these are very expensive. I have another video coming soon that goes into detail on the different types of suits and the ones that will stop radioactive waves and the ones that will not. This video is in depth and will discuss all aspects of these suits along with examples and locations to find them. Also coming very soon is the in depth gas mask video which will discuss all aspects of the gas mask and the different types and price ranges…also demonstrations.
This series goes in depth.
This video focuses on the necessary gear to survive a nuclear fallout or contamination scenario. This details the absolute bare essentials needed for this type of disaster. This video is about gear that will make a great addition to your already standard bug out or bug in setup. The basics will always be needed, but after the basics, there are requirements of additional gear for certain types of events.
ore videos on the preparation of shelters and skills in general will follow shortly. Also videos detailing the Physics behind a nuclear explosion, the types of radiation, the terminology, the short and long term effects, how to treat and more…

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