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The Sabra Partner is great for a personal survival kit. It actually holds enough survival gear to help you stay alive in an emergency. It’s made in Israel of military grade materials.Several carry options make this a very versatile little piece of gear that is extremely well made and suitable for a lot of different uses.

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Suunto MC-2 Compass

Ranger Beads:

Swiss Army Knife Fieldmaster;

550 Paracord:

Lightning Strike Firestarter:

1″ Wide Gorilla Tape;

Tinder Quik Fire Starters:

Bic Lighter:

Cotton Bandana:

Bahco Folding Saw:

Sawyer Mini Water Filter:

Black Diamond Storm Waterproof Headlamp:

Princeton Tec Headlamp Case:

SOL Emergency Space Blanket;

ThruNite Archer 2A Flashlight;


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