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4 Freakishly Powerful Garden Fertilizers

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In this video you’ll learn the 4 crazy fertilizer’s that help grow your plants quicker and fuller!

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4 Crazy Fertilizers

Number one is seaweed. One of the best fertilizers that you can put in your garden. They sell bags of kelp meal from California, ground up kelp, to add minerals to the garden. But if you live anywhere near the ocean, you can pick up some for yourself. And this is how you use seaweed in the garden.

First thing we do is give it a rinse, because it’s coming out of the salty ocean and we don’t want that much salt in the garden.

But all I’m going to do is give it a brief rinse, just to get the extra salt off of it. I’ll do that again just in case we have anything really sensitive to salt. Along with the minerals of the ocean, we have lots of salt. But once you’ve rinsed the salt off the outside, I have read there are as many as 90 minerals that can be contained in seaweed.

This is a cassava.

It’s a root crop from the tropics, which is where I live. And I planted this in here a little while ago and I am going to give it a boost of seaweed. This will give it lots of extra minerals and it’s going to break down into the soil and the earthworms and everything will eat it over the season.

You can throw the seaweed directly into your compost piles.

Second you have rabbit pellets. Mostly alfalfa.

Now alfalfa pellets are a little bit expensive but they are a fantastic fertilizer for a couple of reasons. One, they are loaded with nitrogen. Alfalfa is a nitrogen fixing crop. Alfalfa is a nitrogen fixing crop and that means that alfalfa has a relationship with certain type of bacteria in the soil and those soil bacteria live on the roots.

Alfalfa also has some sort of a magical compound in it which causes plants to grow. And I don’t remember if it’s a hormone or whatever, but they’ve done tests where they take some alfalfa and mix it into an area and there’s something in there that boosts plant growth. Some of you scientists out there might know what that is but all I know is it’s really good for making plants take off.

Number 3, dog food. It’s actually a really good fertilizer. But why is it such a good fertilizer? Well dogs are mostly carnivores. Protein is predominantly nitrogen. And nitrogen is the main thing plants like to eat.

Number 4, Gar, which is a type of fish. And fish is a fantastic fertilizer. Let me show you how to use this thing. Right here, I’m going to put in a hill of pumpkins. I’ve been planting pumpkins and I love growing pumpkins. And one thing pumpkins love to eat is fish. Y’all have probably heard the story of how the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to bury fish underneath their corn to get a good yield. It really, really works. It actually doesn’t just work with fish, it works with any kind of meat.

One of my readers just sent me some pictures where she buried a rotten chicken carcass underneath one of her pumpkin vines and she had another pumpkin vine next to it which she didn’t bury it under and you can see a huge difference between the two. All I’m going to do is dig a hole deep enough that I think the animals are probably not going to smell this fish and then I’m going to throw the fish in the hole.

I hope this has helped you see that fertilizing plants doesn’t have to be just a matter of going out and buying a bag of 10/10/10. There’s so many different things that plants can use that we have in our normal day to day life, even some really crazy stuff. Thanks for joining me, I’m David the Good for Prepper Advantage.

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