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The Storyteller: FALLOUT S3 E13 – Garden of Eden

Something to do while we wait for Fallout 4 (episodes every Friday)
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The Fallout universe shows us a post-apocalyptic America where the “end of the world” is just another bloody chapter of human history. Join our mysterious Storyteller as he takes us on a journey of outlandish discovery and brutal survival.

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~ This episode used these outstanding mods ~

Alchestbreach Companion:


Classic 10mm Pistol:

Wasteland Clothing Hires Retexture

Interior Lighting Overhaul:

Dog City Denver:

NCR Trooper Overhaul:

Fallout – Project Brazil:

DYNAVISION 3 – Total Visual Enhancement

Nephaels Children of the Cathedral Experience:

T45d Power Armor Replacement:

Tale of Two Wastelands:

Nevada Skies – Weather Effects:

Classic Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle:

Baby Deathclaw Commander for New Vegas:

Skunkwater Gulch:

Jerry McGhoulberry Companion Mod:

Dry Canyon:

Fallout Character Overhaul:

NMCs Texture Pack:

Sandcrete Architecture – a resource for modders:

CR-HD Combat Ranger Armor Retexture:

Ranger Sequoia retexture:

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