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$10 Prepping in 2023. How to Build your Food Stockpile for only $10 a week PART 1

How to Build your Food Stockpile for only $10 a week.
A prepper engages in survivalism, a movement who actively prepare for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order.

Survivalism is a social movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers who proactively prepare for emergencies, such as natural disasters, as well as other disasters causing disruption to social order (that is, civil disorder) caused by political or economic crises. Preparations may anticipate short-term scenarios or long-term, on scales ranging from personal adversity, to local disruption of services, to international or global catastrophe. There is no bright line dividing general emergency preparedness from prepping in the form of survivalism (these concepts are a spectrum), but a qualitative distinction is often recognized whereby preppers/survivalists prepare especially extensively because they have higher estimations of the risk (odds) of catastrophes happening. Nonetheless, prepping can be as limited as preparing for a personal emergency (such as a job loss, storm damage to one’s home, or getting lost in wooded terrain), or it can be as extensive as a personal identity or collective identity with a devoted lifestyle.

Survivalism emphasises self-reliance, stockpiling supplies, and gaining survival knowledge and skills. The stockpiling of supplies is itself a wide spectrum, from survival kits (ready bags, bug-out bags) to entire bunkers in extreme cases.

Survivalists often acquire first aid and emergency medical/paramedic training, self-defense training (martial arts, firearm safety), and self-sufficiency training, and they often build structures such as survival retreats or underground shelters that may help them survive a catastrophic failure of society.

Use of the term survivalist dates from the early 1980s.

Do you need help in finding the right products or equipment for your prepping? Do you have questions on what to buy to add to your preparedness? I have created the perfect place loaded with hundreds of options for you to choose from! Many of the products in there I use myself and some I have reviewed and feel that they would make a great addition to your preps.

What to stock up on? How to get prepared for coming shortages due to, crop failures, Shortages maybe loss of job or just a Natural Disasters. Who knows what is coming? Stock up on foods and supplies, all of the things you count on in your daily lives. My videos are to help the commmon man or woman, to start to prepare them and there family’s to be ready for any type of situation! To have food, water and survival supplies on hand!! To show you that even if you are on a budget, you can do this for you and your family. To give you knowledge to succeed in preparedness for you and your family. To always bring you good tips, tricks and how to’s and important information! Show you how I do things not that you have to do it that way just a Template to go buy. All things that are brought up or talked about or reviews done on products are my own Opinion! I ENCOURAGE all comments and different ideas to help all people.

#1 water 1 gallon per day per person
#2 non-perishable food/canned goods
#3 manual can opener
#4 paper goods and plastic goods
#5 Zip lock bags
#6 paper towels & toilet paper & baby wipes
#7 Extra glasses or contacts
#8 personal hygiene tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, Deodorant & baby powder
#9 feminine products
#10 All baby needs food, diapers ext
#11 pet supplies
#12 propane or gas stove to cook on with extra gas
#13 first aid kit a good one
#14 prescription drugs or non prescription drugs
#15 sunscreen
#16 insect repellant
#17 change of clothes for everyone and 2 pair of extra socks
#18 tarps, sleeping bags, tent, some way to get shelter
#19 very important cordage to make shelter
#20 good shoes, boots waterproof
#21 Important documents in waterproof bag
#22 battery backup for you cell phone and extra charging cord
#23 a good map of your area you live in
#24 cash
#25 Books & games & toys for your kids
#26 pen pencil and note pad
#27 battery powered radio with extra batteries
#28 battery powered lantern, headlamp or flashlights
#29 candles and matches
#30 battery banks and solar chargers
#31 whistle
#32 light sticks
#33 a good pocket knife
#34 basic tools
#35 Gloves
#36 shovel, saw, ax or anything that will cut up wood
#37 mask, safty glasses
#38 fire extinguisher
#39 all kinds of fire starters you name it bring it
#40 large trash bags they have many uses
#41 duct tape
#42 PATIENCE… to get you through the tuff times….
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