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'Diebulfrog79: @SassyGalPrepping -Friday $5 haul. Sales for prepping

Something a little strange and something a little weird. Not your normal YouTube channel. Beyond the doorway. Hi, folks. It’s your old pal Uncle Al.
No fear porn. Do your own research. ( Note Uncle Al is working on description box below. the cold weather is acting on my Arthritis.)

Check out “Garden State Gardener” and join up..
Check out Matt Holcomb
Check out Arkwildman Survival
Check out Yogi hollow farm (or homestead)
Check out Dean at Orion
Check out Harshman Hills
Check out Ungrateful Peasant
Check out WD Glock & Roll.

Nothing is real on YT. You ran out of time. folks.

Watch the “inside job” part 2 on Netflix. (Still No body get this)
Watch “Johnny Mnemonic” (1995)
Watch “No blade of Grass” ( 1971)
Watch ” Soylent Green” ( 1973)
Watch “Blade Runner” (1982)
Watch “Blade Runner 2049” ( 20 17)
Watch “Blade Runner – Black Lotus” (2021)
Listen to the old theme song of “Outer Limits”

TOPIC: @Sassy Gal Prepping – Friday $5 pantry haul. Plan ahead. Memorial day sales and A&W flyer.( real title.)

1.) Repeat the the Phase ” Give money to Uncle Al” three times a DAY.
2.) print out one month food lists, give to people, smile.
3.) Send $2.17 to Uncle Al
4.) Join up and help out old Uncle Al reach 5,000 followers
5.) Interesting , Are you ready for the first heat wave?
6.) Using $5 dollars find needed items
7.) Every Friday, any store. Check for 2 to 4 sales
8.) It can be one or five items
9.) The rough summer – Blackouts, Urban riots, food shortages, Gasoline rationing.
.) Waiting, JB. Go into the light
.) Not fear porn.
.) Trust no one , DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.
.) Be humble, have faith in God, read the bible.
. ) Check out last two videos , three shorts and share it on other social media.
.) Stay Alive.

We are moving into a very dangerous period in American history. (2018 to 2031). Real bad, real dark. Who can you trust?

Watch the last ten videos. I need 15 new views and likes.

Please hit the like button, join up, ( I lost 20, today). Ring the bell. Help old Uncle Al regain watch hours. While struggling against YT Purges and being shun away to YT ghetto. I lost 600 videos. Watch this video to the end and share on social media. Please leave a nice comment – (no rants), stay on subject. I will reply. All other will be deleted. Cursing, spam -bots, ranters, ghost channels, racist and bad language. Will be reported and removed.

Thank you for watching.
Good luck and god bless.

If you want to help Uncle Al in his fight against the evil forces of America. Stop SHFT. Send $2.17 to –

Yes folks. Help end SHTF, send $2.17 to Uncle Al. I need $120 dollars for the food pantry this Summer. Thank you for those who donated on line. God bless. Stop the madness. Save America from 2040. 17 years left.

Talk about old Uncle Al on social media to friends and family. Before it’s too late.
Please made sure your family has 1 year of food and water.
Be humble

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