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SHTF film that exists within parameters.
Vision of an America of the not too distant future
Americans are allowed to “vent their spleen” on each other once a year
For 12 hours all violent crime is allowed
A group of people get stuck on street during purge and have to work together to survive for 12 hours.
No real big names in the movie
Not a great flick, but does give you some ideas of the types of gangs you might see during a breakdown of society.
Big difference—under this situation, the purgers are able to plan and acquire tactics and weaponry presumably throughout the year between purges.
In a real SHTF situation, the marauders likely wouldn’t be as prepared and trained to try to hurt you and take what you have—at least not immediately.
It’s worth taking a look at on video, but isn’t a top of the lister.

The Benghazi Brief:

Prepper Tip of The Week: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

Prep Hard. Pray Harder.


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