Survival Gardening

The ultimate SURVIVAL CROPS for self-sufficiency 🌱 6 Perennials that REGROW every year!

If you want to grow more of your own food at home then these 6 survival crops could help you form a continuous supply of food that regrows each year. They not only provide an abundance of food but their weed-like growth means they themselves are also survivors.

🌿 Stay tuned until the end for my DIY Eco Pots made from the garden! 🌿

Survival crops are a popular topic here on youtube but many of them are annuals that require a lot of effort to grow and keep alive and then you need to make sure you preserve them because more than likely they will all be ready at once. However, these 6 survival crops are vigorous-growing perennials so you basically do nothing except keep harvest and eat them!

Each of these will grow slightly differently in your climate compared to mine I’m gardening here in Perth Australia which is about a zone 10b I think.

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Hedge Shears:

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00:00 Introduction to Perennial Survival Crops
00:50 NZ Spinach / Warrigal Greens
02:27 Queensland arrowroot / Canna Edulis
03:55 Bananas
04:51 Hoselink Pruning Tools & Tips
06:32 When to prune Mulberry
07:04 Sweet Potato / KÅ«mara
08:56 Egyptian Walking Onions
09:43 Papaya
11:24 Diy Eco Pots with leaves
13:09 Planting Papaya Seeds

FULL fruit tree tour:
10 Edible Ground Covers:
21 Edible Plants to grow in the shade

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