Top 10 Items that Every Prepper SHOULD STOCKPILE NOW! Top Survival Items

To be well-prepared, every prepper should stockpile essential items. Firstly, ensuring a sustainable food source is crucial, with chickens being a convenient option due to their low maintenance and egg-laying capabilities. Having a reliable supply of nuts, bolts, and screws for repairs is vital, as well as adhesive and tape for binding. Fuel is necessary for vehicles, heating, and lighting, and alternative power sources like solar options are preferable to gas generators. Investing in land provides self-sufficiency and long-term value. Self-defense tools and items are vital, and alcohol can serve medicinal purposes and potentially be used for bartering. Stockpiling staple foods like rice and beans is advisable, along with essential toiletry products. For women, reusable menstrual products are worth considering. Water stockpiling, filtration, and rain catchment systems are vital for urban survival.

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