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How I Installed Coax in my Ham Shack – Shack Series

Join me in this exciting video as I revamp my ham shack by installing coaxial cables using a DIY SO-239 wall plate. Watch as I tackle the challenges, share valuable tips, and add my own quirky twist to this essential setup. Get ready for an entertaining journey filled with laughs, mishaps, and triumphant moments in the world of ham radio installations!

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* Low Voltage Bracket –
* SO-239 Bulkheads –
* Split Wall Plate –
* Stainless Steel Blank Wall Plate
* Milwaukee Step Bit #4 –


0:00 Current Setup
2:05 The Installation Approach
6:02 Taking Measurements
7:04 Installing the Low Voltage Brackets
9:26 Project Issues
11:10 The Home Depot
13:50 Wall Plate Build & Install
16:31 Closing Thoughts

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