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Alone built a dugout in the forest. Start to finish

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Bushcraft skills in the woods with your dog. Bushcraft skills put into practice. A dugout or as a shelter. Bushcraft camp built by me. The dugout is like a warm shelter that can hold out well in winter. Just camping. A dugout like a Hobbit. A log house, well, almost like a log house. Dugout in the forest, the whole stage of construction. Construction all alone. Building a house underground, not like others. A dugout in the forest. Bushcraft dugout frame assembled without a single nail. Bushcraft is like building skills in the woods without modern tools. Woodworking. Camp for life in the forest. Primitive shelter construction technology. Bunker. Forest I made myself a house for living in the forest. DIY. DIY projects, how to make a hut in the forest for a comfortable life offline. Lesnoy_Craft. Lesnoy_Bear_to_fire. Lesnoy_Offline Lesnoy. Lesnoy_Badger. We are building a hobbit house. DIY hobbit house. Dig a house. Forest life with a dog. hobbit house

Hello friends
Here is a whole video where I collected in one the whole process of creating a dugout

In this video, I dug up a place for a dugout, put a frame, walls and made a stove.
I also made a house for Tiny, made a bed, a chair, put a door and windows.
I lined the roof with sod, made a path and laid out the dugout with stone.
I also made a barbecue and cooked a delicious dinner.
Tina and I also spent the night in a fellow countryman.

The project itself turned out to be very interesting, cozy and reliable.

Hope you like it

Enjoy your viewing
I am waiting for your reactions in the comments

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