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Bamboo Building – Knots and Lashings – without nails

Here are two bamboo knots that can be used to tie bamboos together with no nails. Clove hitch knot to tie two bamboos together using paracord rope. Tie the two bamboos with two clove hitch knots then finish it off with two overhand knots. The clove hitch is used for tying together pieces of the trellis roofing or used to make trellises. It allows the bamboos to move around. The tourniquet lashing is a very strong way to connect two bamboos together. This is used to tie the bamboo legs to the bamboo roof in bamboo building, like the bamboo hut shown at the end. The tourniquet lashing is also used to tighten the bases of the legs together. This bamboo hut is built on top of a wooden deck where eye-bolts are used to hold the bamboo to the platform using paracord rope. Green timber bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii) was used for the uprights and blue bamboo (Bambusa chungii) was used for the roof trellis.

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