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I Survived 100 Days as an ELECTRIC EEL in HARDCORE Minecraft!

I Survived 100 DAYS as an ELECTRIC EEL in HARDCORE Minecraft! As an ELECTRIC EEL my goal is to defeat the FISHERMAN ARMY, and their leader CAPTAIN AVA, from destroying the OCEAN. But the stakes get HIGHER when FISHUTOPIA is taken over by the FISHERMAN! I’ll need to build the best UNDERWATER BASE, as well as gain the help of the ANGLERFISH and the MEGALODON, and then finally learn the SECRETS of my ELECTRIC POWERS!

Mods Utilized:
Additional Lights –
Alex’s Mobs –
Astemir’s Forestcraft –
Artifacts –
Better Animals Plus –
Bones and Swords –
CMD Cam –
Citadel –
Collective –
Configure –
CreativeCore –
Curios API –
Custom NPCs –
Cyclic –
Effortless Building –
Endless Oceans: Aquatic Adventures –
Fish’s Undead Rising –
Fuze’s Relics –
Geckolib –
Ice and Fire –
Just Enough Items –
L Ender’s Cataclysm –
Mahou Tsukai –
More Player Models –
Mowzie’s Mobs –
Mutant Beasts –
Mutant More –
My Hero Academia –
Obfuscate –
Olympic God’s Attributes –
Pehkui –
Pirates and Looters –
Puzzlelib –
Sorcerium –
Structure Gel API –
Supplementaries –
The Mighty Architect –
The Ocean Expansion –
The Warp Mod –
Villagers and Monsters –
Visual Workbench –
XK’s Decorations –

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