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My main food prep just got taken away from me. Food and drug shortages Complicated with food and drug RATIONING. My protein plan A has turned into my protein Plan B .GET READY NOW! NO EXCUSES!
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Here’s Luke’s number and email. He’s a good friend of mine. Ask him about the
home protection 401(k) Thunderdome kit.
Thanks for watching.
Luke Baston

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Looking to buy gold and silver or roll over your IRA/401K into precious metals, call/text Stacey @ (318) 564-5823 she is a broker for Miles Franklin or email

Hoosier Warrior Coffee

Tapered fitted shirts affiliate link

f you want one order it here…we love our harvest right!!
The freeze dryer link

👇Water filter & life straw and much more….including the 100 hour candles!
Here’s a link to Patriots Supply I have Been very impressed with their products

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We are not financial advisors and everyone should due their own research… we just aim to bring value, information and even some of our life experiences to everyone. Thank you, Chris and Stacey

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