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Fallout 4 : Contagion ☣ – Part 23 – Post Apocalyptic zombie survival horror ( Ground Zero Mod Pack )

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Mod List — (survivalist profile) Ground Zero v 2.0.1

Please note that I have added ‘Scrap Everything’ and ‘Place Anywhere’ mods to this mod pack so the intended experience is significantly different to the vanilla mod pack.

Ground Zero focuses on an alternate vision of the Commonwealth that has instead been overtaken by the ramifications of a deadly viral outbreak. It features TWO profiles: Survivalist and Operative.

Operative is more of a fast-paced, casual, fun shoot-em-up experience taking place in the initial weeks after the virus has overtaken the Commonwealth. This profile focuses on rescuing survivors, building outposts, and mowing down massive hordes of zombies with a wide array of modern weaponry and QoL features. As a military operative it will be your mission to enter the Commonwealth and eradicate any trace of the virus and its infected victims.

Survivalist is a scaled-back, hardcore survival experience with much in common to our Lost World experience. It takes place years after society fell to the virus with the Commonwealth covered in lush flora and rust. You will immerse yourself into an experience similar to an open world The Last of Us where you struggle every minute to survive against deadly zombie hordes, vicious raider gangs, and the ever-looming threat of viral infection.

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