Minimal Survival Kit for 24 Hours [ 20 Easy Outdoots Tips ]

Minimal Survival Kit for 24 Hours – a get home bag consisting bushcradt tools and equipment that help you to enhance your wilderness survival skills when you need to bug out for some time or you just watn to get home in a difficult situation.

Below you will find a list of basic items you need for surviving in the wilderness for 24 hours. The list is based mostly on the principles of survivalism and bushcraft. Modern prepping, whether it is urban or something else, has very little to do with it.

The minimal survival kit should follow some simple ideas – protection from weather, tools for setting up camp and making a fire, food and water to stay fit, toiletries to take care of your hygiene and stay healthy.

Shelter: tarp or a rain poncho, sleeping bag.

Tools: fixed blade knife, multitool, headlamp and ekstra batteries, paracord, fire lighters, compas.

Food: food rations for 24 hours (min 2000 kcal per person), cutlery, mess kit, stove, water for 24 hours (min. 2l per person).

Hygiene: toilet paper, tooth brush and paste.

Other: documents, cash, extra socks.

And a bag to carry all the items.

The exact items on the list can vary, but you should follow follow the same principles if you want to survive in the nature for a longer period of time.

And if you are interested in how to survive in the wilderness or you intend to advance basic survival skills in the wilderness, check out our channel. There you can learn more about bushcraft camping and cooking, camping tools and gadgets and camp cooking equipment among other things.

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