Survival Gardening

Raised Garden Beds Are So Yesterday!

I’m building a hydroponic grow tower using parts from the hardware store. I can grow 10 times the amount of food I grow now in my raised garden beds in the same amount of space by going up. You can grow a garden in any space, including an apartment and this costs 50% to 75% less than buying a consumer hydroponic tower. Grow your own food and become self-reliant.

You’ll Save 547.5 Hours If You Do This

Homestead Prepping 101

How To Prepare For Any Emergency

How To Stop Garden Thieves!

As we make our journey from home to homestead, I’ll teach you how to become self-reliant. When the systems we rely on fail know that you’ll have the skills to provide for your family. Oh, and we’ll have fun doing it! 👊

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