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Building a Yoda's Hut! The best survival and warm amazing shelter (part #1)

One of my childhood memories was the Star Wars movie, I loved the place and its little shelter in this imaginary cave!
Today I will try to make a small identical shelter, very happy to share with you my passion for survival
If you want to survive in the woods you really have to find the means to be able to make shelters according to the places and it is adapted with the environment!
Here is my new shelter, in this place I use a lot of small branches to build but also clay for insulation and protection from the rain.
In this episode you will find the main features to know how to build a shelter of this type.
As you can see I only use natural materials!
This shelter is designed to withstand at least 6 months! I invite you to subscribe to discover the rest of my adventures. Afterwards I will make the fireplace inside and a dining table and bed. This shelter will be adapted to spend olus of time warm in all conditions.
Thank you all very much for your comments and support!
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