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We Are the Apocolypse! (Gregg Braden, Canadian Prepper, Common Sense Show, J Bravo, Newsmax)

It’s all fun and games until half the planet gets destroyed…yet what if we re-frame all of this with a surprise ending?

Different Starting Points for Location and Time Base Freedom:

One of the most effective course community combo on the internet for creating content with video and blogging…

Don’t Know Where to Start:

9 part affiliate marketing series with inspiring stories, tips and tricks from a wide range of people just being their imperfect selves rather than the usual slick marketing tactics everyone is sick of:

Have Some Ideas or Experiences to Help Others:

Like the music? Check out more here:

Don’t want to be on camera? Use this footage with 2 months free!

Other Videos:
Escaping the Matrix Through Content Creation (Gregg Braden, Aubrey Marcus)

Creating Videos with Imperfect Action P1 – Escaping the Conspiracy Theory Trap

Listen Till You Get It Jason Breshears of Archaix

We Are Being Sold AI Trinkets for Control of Our Divine Connection

The Last Thing You Need to Prep for the End Sent with Love (Archaix)

The Freedom Trap Has Life Altering Implications – J Griff, Sorelle Amore, Russell Brand

The Chart That Broke the Internet – Problem, Reaction, Solution Jason Breshears, J Bravo

Thriving Beyond Manipulative War Cycles (Jason Breshears, Mark Moss)

Freedom Comes with Focused Attention, Mental Mastery – Dan Koe, Jocko Podcast, JRE, Russell Brand

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Fair Use Clips:

Canadian Prepper

Shawn Ryan Show

J Bravo

Jeremiah Babe

The Common Sense Show


Clown Planet

Ryan Y’all


Gregg Braden

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