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Store Seeds Forever – Start Your Own Survival Seed Vault (Two Easy Methods)

Saving seeds long term – the easy way!

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You’ve probably seen a survival seed collection for sale. There are great big survival seed vault offers, with everything from sweet corn to beets, all packed in a way to make seeds last longer than you might expect.

However, you can save seeds in the fridge by putting them in mason jars with silica gel packets and they’ll keep for a REALLY long time. You can also save seeds from the garden if you know a few tips and tricks.

By growing seeds in the garden, you can save varieties from year to year and never have to buy seeds again. Or, take advantage of all the spring seed sales right now and get lots of seed packets, then store seed away in your very own mason jar survival seed supply.

We use a combination of both methods, storing seeds and growing seeds and saving seed from the garden. You can too! If supply chains go down, you’ll have all you need to grow a survival garden, Doomsday Prepper style!

It’s not exactly the Svalbard seed vault, but it’s way better than what most people have.

00:00 Introduction
00:58 It’s Spring: Seed Buying Time
02:28 Your Super Simple Seed Vault
04:18 Growing Your Own Seed and Saving it
05:38 Seed Saving Knowledge
07:23 Conclusion – How We’re Saving Seeds
09:03 Post-Credits Montage of Harvesting and Weighing Produce

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