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YEAR ONE. Everything we built on our abandoned land

See everything we built in our first year. The basekamp is setup in shipping containers and everything is running offgrid. The goal for the year was to create a place to invite more people Next year we can invite more people and start building a community!

14th April we start season 2. We release a new update video every Monday. Subscribe to follow our journey.

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Hangout in our online community. also cool

0:00 intro
0:53 pathways
2:29 Clean swamp
3:20 Big water
4:20 Basekamp (shipping container)
9:46 Clear creek with moms
10:29 Clean small Ruin
11:02 Clean Big Ruin
12:13 Our neighbours & Friends
13:48 Pizza oven
15:04 Plastic sheet roof
15:39 Recap

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