GETTING MORE GEAR AND LOOT! – Last Day on Earth: Survival (Raid: Shadow Legends #sponsored)

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Thank you RAID: Shadow Legends for sponsoring this livestream!

Last Day on Earth: Survival More Gear and Loot! LDoE Season 42 is here so let’s do a few raids and more!

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Last Day on Earth OST:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:41 – Raiding a base 1
00:12:37 – Daily expedition loot and settlement
00:21:27 – Swamp location
00:35:17 – Hard Mode 3rd floor
00:39:37 – The Blind One boss
00:58:01 – Floppy Crate loot
01:02:28 – Raiding a base 2
01:11:28 – Raid Shadow Legends Sponsored
02:26:40 – LDoE The Witch
02:38:38 – Raiding a base 3
02:44:14 – GeoGuessr

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