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Unoccupied for 65 years?!? YES!!! WOW!!! 07-21-23

The last time anyone lived in this room (my 84 year old mother Joann and her beautiful sister Jane, when they were teenagers), Dwight D. Eisenhower was US President, the final new episode of the classic television comedy “I Love Lucy” aired on CBS, Wham-O released the first Frisbee toys for sale, the minimum hourly rate was $1.00, a gallon of gas was $.24 cents, and the average cost of a NEW HOUSE was $$12,220.00!!! WOW!!! It’s all cleaned up after today, 3 main rooms down and 1 more to go plus a large attic and the cellar. Thank you Caleb for all your hard work today! Welcome to The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, only 45 miles north of downtown Nashville Tennessee, tucked away in the beautiful scenic rolling hills of Logan County Kentucky! Finding yourself a bit too “busy” lately and looking to slow back down to things which really matter to you? Enjoy the rural, wide open, scenic, ranch, prepper, gardening, farming lifestyle? Looking to pick up useful tips, suggestions, and DIY information to make that next project safer and less expensive? Well sir, ma’am, cowboy or ranch hand, you are in the right spot! Please consider subscribing to the channel, Like the video if you do and we think you will, and leave us a comment to let us know who you are plus suggestions for various videos and contents you would enjoy seeing. Call or text 270-847-2955 24 hours a day except Saturdays, for an awesome visit & tour of the ranch! God bless you and have an amazing day, we sure are!

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