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How To Beat Poison Ivy FAST!

None of this video constitutes medical advice. If you are sick, please contact a medical doctor.

All of the locals around here know how to treat poison ivy. You harvest and use a plant called Jewelweed (sometimes called Touch-Me-Not) and it clears up this painful and agonizing rash FAST!

You can use it to make:
1. Just rub the plant on the rash (works good)
2. Salves (works good)
3. Drink as a tea (works better)
4. Drink as a tincture (works super fast)
5. Apply topically as a tincture (works super fast)

If you want to beat poison Ivy and do it fast with the least amount of torment possible, THIS is the plant you need to get. Creation often times gives us the plants we need to treat certain ailments and in this case, they grow RIGHT next to each other.

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