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You can never be too safe when you’re out in public. If you’re a person who has to stay out late or if your route home is usually along a dangerous area, you need to protect yourself. It’s not just about learning a few self-defense moves. The best way to protect yourself is by never leaving your home without self-defense gadgets by your side.
And before we start, here is a quick disclaimer: Before trying to purchase any of these self-defense gadgets, please check the regulations in the place where you reside. Because every country has different rules about self-defense weapons. 

00:24 Disclaimer
00:38 Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun
01:42 SABRE Compact Sport & Safety Horn
02:14 Sabre Advanced Compact Pepper Spray
02:54 Addalock Portable Door Lock
03:24 Smith & Wesson Heat-Treated Steel Baton
04:18 Sabre Self-Defense Kit
05:12 Gerber Gear Ultimate Knife
05:42 Hyperwhistle Original
06:32 Brass Knuckles
07:25 Umarex T4E Pepper Ball Pistol

Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self-Defense Kit

SABRE Compact Sport & Safety Horn

Sabre Advanced Compact Pepper Spray

Addalock Portable Door Lock

Smith & Wesson Heat-Treated Steel Baton

Sabre Self-Defense Kit

Gerber Gear Ultimate Knife

Hyperwhistle Original

Brass Knuckles

Umarex T4E by P2P HDP.50 Caliber Pepper Ball Pistol

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