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Hello friends in this video all my achievements and my ambitions finally to succeed in living in the woods. As you noticed in my previous video my chimney is much larger important for the evacuation of smoke. I still have a lot of work to finish the interior and exterior finishes. There will be a lot of changes because my shelter takes water during the rains and I plan to better insulate my roof.
I have many plans for the future and this is very important to me for survival. I will create a garden and a henhouse and a summer kitchen also a small rainwater collector and a nursery.
Also in these conditions I miss the table outside and a small corner to prepare the meal.
Soon I will extend my shelter with a suspended terrace.
Soon I will also cut a lot of trees to light the woods and keep only the fir trees that are more vigorous.
Very important to know that I am on private property and I am responsible for all my creations. It is important to remember that to make a fire in the woods it is necessary to take precautions and to clear the place and to have water in reserve possibly to intervene.
During the summer you must avoid fires without a chimney and ensure the filtering of smoke.
That’s why I mount my fireplace higher to avoid ashes in the air and in the smoke.
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