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10 types of Subnautica PLAYERS!

There are many different kinds of players in Subnautica. But you can sort most of them in a few distinct categories, such as the Scaredy-Cat, Sadist or the Modder that likes to replace leviathans and submarines!
So let’s go take a look at 10 categories of Subnautica players!

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About Subnautica Below Zero:
Below Zero is the follow up game to Subnautica and is set a year after the events of the original game. This time the main Character, Robin Godall is searching for her sister who was declared dead after working for Alterra on Planet4546b.
Below Zero features new enemies, leviathans like the Shadow Leviathan or Chelicerate, vehicles like the Sea Truck, buildables like large rooms and jukeboxes and much more! More parts of the game are now set on the icy landscape of the pole of Planet4546b, but not even here are you safe from the massive Ice Worms and freezing temperatures.
Later in the story, an Architect called Al-An will be introduced and will require the players help to survive and carry on the Precursor’s legacy.Some new creatures are: The Snowstalker, the Glow Whale, the Chelicerate, Ice Worms, Alien Penguins, Rockpunchers, the Shadow Leviathan and more.The Kharaa Bacterium also seems to make a return.
Will you save the galaxy from being infected?

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