Survival Gardening

The Worlds MOST TRUSTED knot.

This is a skill for VISUAL learners.

The Bowline knot often confuses people. This video will help you with that!
It’s one of the most trusted and best camping, survival and outdoors knots you can tie.

If you want an in depth vid I have a TOP 10 CAMPING KNOTS here:

*Trustworthy / Higher Quality Ropes + Cordage:*
*Nylon 550 Type 3 Paracord:*
➡SGT Knots ( _Solid and Inexpensive_ ) :
➡Paracord Planet ( _A bit more Expensive but VERY good_ ):
➡GearAid [ _The Most Expensive, And one of the BEST + Carribeaner_ ]:

Larger Diameter Rope like the Green and Orange I use:

Tarred Bank Line to save your Paracord

The BEST Knot Book is called the *”Ashley Book of Knots”* and can be found here:

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