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15 Building Tips to Help You Create Bigger & Better Camps | Fallout 76 Tips & Tricks

There is a lot of Fallout 76 tips & tricks on how to recover budget and unlock new ways to build. Some are rather simple strategies, such as moving all your workbenches into a shelter, which can naturally free some camp budget. There are also other Fallout 76 building tricks that are a bit more complex and advanced such as clipping items, merging 2 items into 1, creating an aquarium or even inverse placement. In this video, we also show how to fully decorate your shelves and even build using your power armor frames. Check out the following fifteen Fallout 76 useful tips for Camp & Shelter building!

Fallout 76 Turbo Fert Plan:

Fallout 76 Cycling Light (Assort Lights Plan):


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