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8 All-Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

How to prevent mosquito bites? On a hot summer day, outdoor activities can be ruined by mosquitoes. These little guys can spoil every holiday, especially if you taste especially sweet! Research has proven that mosquitoes can rapidly learn and remember the smells of hosts, and that’s what makes some people more preferable than others. Bright Side found 8 natural yet super effective remedies to keep mosquitoes away from your body. Try them instead of reaching for more chemical sprays!

Did you know, for example, that mosquitoes just hate garlic smell? So one of the easiest ways to make sure that mosquitoes will never fly in your direction is to eat some garlic! When you consume at least one clove, garlic oil releases from your pores, creating a powerful barrier between your skin and mosquitoes.

Lavender oil 1:00
Tea tree oil 2:02
Vanilla 2:58
Black pepper 3:59
Apple cider vinegar 4:52
Soapy water 6:03
Mint 6:50
Garlic 7:53

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– If you have mosquitoes at home, spray lavender oil in your bedroom or use any lavender-scented room freshener you can find.
– A study that was published in the Australian Journal of Entomology in 2010 showed that repellents which contain tea tree oil are exceptionally effective against mosquitoes.
– Even though the smell of vanilla is really pleasant to us, mosquitoes can’t stand it. So, as always, all you have to do is make an all-natural vanilla spray.
– Black pepper protects your body from mosquitoes, flies, and other insects thanks to something called picaridin.
– Put water and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions in your spray bottle, spray on places where insects normally gather, and wait for the results.
– Whether you’re having a picnic outside or just want to get the mosquitoes out of your house for good, place a plate with soapy water nearby. After a few minutes, you’ll notice mosquitoes getting trapped in the bubbles and drowning.
– Growing some mint in your garden can also be a good solution against mosquitoes, while also providing you with a healthy natural addition to your diet.
– If you don’t want to eat the stuff, you can also rub some garlic-scented lotion on your skin or use a garlic spray on your body, your home, or your yard.

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