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Over 1,500 Gas Stations OFFLINE – Major CYBER ATTACK -GAS SHORTAGES | Off Grid with Patrick Humphrey

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Off Grid with Patrick Humphrey-

Prepare now for gas shortages. Gas shortages could spread over North America. Over 1,500 gas stations offline in Canada due to a massive cyber attack on Suncor Energy which operates Petro Canada gas stations. The Suncor cyber attack could be just the beginning. Over 1,500 Petro Canada gas stations are reporting issues with processing credit and debit cards from a cyber attack. Employees are not able to login into their Suncor energy accounts. The Petro Canada Cyber attack will affect Suncor and their refineries posibly as well. Get prepared now for the Prepare now and get off grid so the grid collapse or EMP wont affect you. Prepare now to bug out and pack your bug out bag. An EMP could collapse the power grid forcing you off grid. The grid could collapse and you should be off grid. WW3 world war three is closer than ever. Shtf is here in 2023 and you should be prepared. prepare for wrol in 2023. Watch Patrick Humphrey who brings you breaking news. Become a prepper and Prepare now for an economic collapse and prepare for the supply chain crisis to get even worse. Prepare for wrol. Buy silver and buy gold so you are prepared for shtf 2023.

โ€œStand firm, and you will win life.โ€ Luke 21:19

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