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23 Survival Tricks That Might Save Your Life One Day

How good are your survival skills? What would you do in a survival situation? Let’s say, when a huge black bear is chasing you. Or when you’re stuck in the forest during a wildfire. Or if your hands trapped in a cable tie. Or maybe all at the same time! No matter how hopeless the situation might seem there’s always a smart way-out.

Do you know how spitting can help you out if you’re trapped under an avalanche? Or why you should get away as fast as you can when the water recedes quickly and unexpectedly from a beach? Or how you can fix your bike using a bunch of grass or leaves? In short, find out how to save yourself! Pay attention!

Under an avalanche 0:26
A sign of a tsunami 0:42
Fix your bike with no air pump 1:00
If a black bear is chasing you 1:32
Emergency water landing 2:01
DIY heater 2:24
In a rip current 2:59
On thin ice 3:16
In a sinking vehicle 3:36
In a smoke-filled plane 4:26
Facing a wolf pack 5:00
Perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself 5:15
How to know that sharks are getting closer 5:31
Use your watch as a compass 6:25
Get clean water 6:41
During a tornado 7:05

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