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Minecraft: Ultimate Underground Base Tutorial (how to build)

In this Minecraft Tutorial I’ll show you how to build the Ultimate Secret Underground Base! This base is completely modular and has a lot of features, from an Automatic Sugar Cane Farm & Aquarium, to a Super Smelter & Animal Pens!

— s o c i a l s —

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đź”´Second Channel:

🌲Texturepack: Better Leaves Addon
🌞Shaders: Complementary

— m u s i c —

Music by: itsokaylove

Also with music from Banjo Kazooie

— t i m e s t a m p s —

Intro: 0:00​
Tour: 0:19
Block List: 6:00
Exterior: 6:07
Entrance Redstone: 7:35
Base Excavation: 12:48
Elevator & Pillars/Walkway: 15:07
Top Floor Sections: 18:52
Bottom Floor Sections: 32:21
Floor Design: 41:09
Ceiling: 42:29

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