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all 164 books i read in 2021, reviewed in one sentence each

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one thing about me is i have never been relaxed ever… and in 2021 i read 164 books. i wrote a one-sentence review (more or less) of each book i read, so that i can share the ultimate reading guide for 2022!!

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😭 what happened to your intro? it got copyrighted ://///
🤠 how old are you? 23!
📆 when is your birthday? 18th october 1998 (libra)
🎓 where did you go to university? i studied english at durham!
🔎 where do you live? paris, france
💼 what is your job? research assistant in the publishing industry
🎥 what do you film with? lumix gh5 + canon g7x
👾 what do you use to edit? final cut pro
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