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Darkness Falls Tips and Tricks and Beginner's Guide – 7 Days to Die (Alpha 20)

A collection of helpful tips and tricks (and maybe a couple of exploits! 😅) that I picked up on my first Darkness Falls playthrough! This information will be most useful as a beginner’s guide, but even an experienced player might learn something new!

0:00 Intro
0:29 Early Game Food
1:12 Critical Injuries
1:38 Scavenging
2:01 Garden Hoe
2:22 Farm Optimization
3:04 Robotic Turrets
3:36 Zombie Health Regeneration
4:35 Trader/Faction Reputation
5:04 Wellness Explained
5:39 Forges and Crafting Time
6:29 Screamer Danger
4:46 How to use Junction Boxes
7:10 How to Build Elevators
7:30 Biome-Specific Resources
7:57 Perks and Schematics
8:17 Food and Drinks
8:33 Clay Bowls
8:52 Free Wheels
9:08 1 Meter Gaps
9:30 Telling Time
10:10 Black Dye
10:25 Bundles of Skill Notes
10:40 The Future is Now!
11:08 Generic Schematics
11:24 Wasteland/Radiation Survival
12:11 The Reward/First Bunker
12:28 Advanced Armor
12:44 Brass Catcher/Rechargeable Battery
13:05 Military Tablet
13:22 Oil Pump
13:34 Stealing Mk. II Turrets
13:47 Blood Bags/Anemia
14:18 Opening Ammo
14:26 Unlocking the Backpack
14:57 Conclusion

KhainesKorner (mod creator):

MOD – Darkness Falls:

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