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㊙️JKD VIPER (JUN FAN APPLIED SCIENCES) “The ideas here are JEET KUNE DO STRIKE OPTIONS and just general information as far as the punching and trapping ranges are concerned. The reason we focus so much on the punching and trapping ranges is, if you haven’t noticed, we always advocate setting everything up, and making content with lighter interceptive hands like the finger jab and palms. The reason for that is because, we feel that standing on two feet is the best option given the likelihood of a STANDING CONFRONTATION. Kicking could be out, and should be considering it’s illegal in almost every state to kick with shoes on, and last time I checked, when a street scruffle breaks out, I don’t see both parties agreeing to TAKING OFF THIER SHOES. That said, choking is reported and definitely illegal, and can cost you about 2-5 in county or worse. In self defense we wanna be 1.QUICK 2. DECISIVE 3. KNOW THE RESULTS AHEAD OF TIME. 4. PLAN MORE ACTIONS THAN THEM. Use 3-6 against one if necessary. 5. THUMP HARD and get to safety. We wanna be effective, meaning, we do don’t wanna have to throw a lot of punches, we’d like to avoid a struggle. So what do we do? (DIRECTIONS) 1. Using more actions than our opponents will ensure we make a safe entry. 2. Three actions in tandem through the hands while facing should effectively pierce the barrier, find the tunnel, and contact the computer. In a 1-2-3 we use a 1. LEAD BUI GEE SAO pointing the fingers into a tight triangle and tuck the thumb into center palm. 2. GINGER FIST (LEOPARD PAW) “The KOP-CHOY and PHEONIX EYE are perfect to dot the face with when we wanna throw a nice lead vertical hit on the end of a quick combo. Used in a 1-2-3 make sure each hit bridges another hit for the other hand, allowing your strikes to simply slide like water over each other. This is threading. 3. LEAD CHEUNG KUEN CHOY (lead vertical fist) on the third pop we reach and explode into the bag lifting it up and push stepping in towards it as we shoot. The reason we call the technique SHOTGUN HAND is because the CHAMBERING of the three strikes in tandem makes a COCKING ENERGY that can’t be described, one needs to feel it to appreciate it im afraid. Anytime we use more than one action at a time we can double it’s power. Energy will shoot around the back of us to the lead hand. Almost like a SHIMMY SHAKE EFFECT. 1-2-3 with the STANK ON 3. Go hard on the lead, landing the pinky. This punch makes you feel like you have a gat at all times. ⚠️SELF DEFENSE ONLY! “Use this to train punching for self defense either at work, or at the bar. You never know what life has in store for us now do we? Remember, being a bully is crappy. Nobody gives you points because you can beat somebody up. There’s always gonna be somebody bigger and stronger than you. Remember that. Even the biggest baddest bad asses in the world have had thier clocks cleaned, and had thier asses handed to them to be WIPED DOWN. Ok, I’ll stop. Lol. 😇☑️💯SON TSI You get the point!

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