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Conspiracy Theory

Academy Award winners Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson team up for the first time in this taut thriller of a beautiful Justice Department attorney entangled in a paranoid cab driver’s Conspiracy Theory.

In an age when the media and the Internet crackle with stories of conspiracies and cover-ups, New York taxi driver Jerry Fletcher (Gibson–Braveheart, Lethal Weapon films) compiles bits of rumors, scraps of information and pieces of his dimly remembered checkered past into a newsletter detailing outlandish plots. He brings these warnings to the attention of Alice Sutton (Roberts–Erin Brockovich, Pretty Woman), a government lawyer he feels strangely connected to. Although Alice doesn’t believe Jerry’s seemingly ridiculous ideas, his fears prove all too real when a horrific encounter plunges them both into a whirlpool of deceit, treachery and murder.

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