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6 Best 22 LR Ammo To Seriously Consider For Self Defense

➤ Best .22 LR Ammo To Seriously Consider For Self Defense 2023 we listed in this video:

➤ 6. CCI Stinger
➤ 5. Aguila Sniper SubSonic
➤ 4. Federal Punch Personal Defense
➤ 2. Hornady Critical Defense
➤ 1. Speer Gold Dot
0:00​​​​ – Intro
1:02​​​ – CCI Stinger
2:14​​​​ – Aguila Sniper SubSonic
3:38​​​ – Federal Punch Personal Defense
7:15 – Hornady Critical Defense
7:56​​​​ – Speer Gold Dot
9:43​​​​ – Conclusion
Though the .22 LR might not top the charts in power, accuracy, or reliability, it stands out as a versatile option suitable for nearly any shooting scenario and even beyond.

The world’s most favored rimfire has an extensive range of applications.

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