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A Prepping Essential – Aferiy 2000W 2001A portable backup power pack

Aferiy sent me a 2000W portable backup power pack for a product review, and we have loved it. We took it camping this weekend, charged it for free by the sun, and had backup power to charge phones, keep food cool, and most importantly, run Air Conditioning in an emergency.

Product links and discount codes:

Power Station:
Code: CanadianPL

Solar Panels:
Code: CanadianPL1

Power Station
Code: CanadianPL

Solar Panels
Code: CanadianPL2

Other products on the page are also discounted, and you can get competitive coupons to buy different capacity power stations according to your needs.

Critical wet bulb temperature – this video could safe your life (the importance of backup power and AC):


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