72 Hour Kit Breakdown (Bug Out Bag) 2023

This is a complete breakdown of whats in my 72 hour kit. I walk through all the pieces of gear in my own and my wifes gear and I cover everything from field craft to gas masks to medical. Checkout the the links below for links to everything I talk about.








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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – KIT
0:47 – More info
0:59 – The Bag Itself
1:30 – Top Pocket
2:10 – Outside of Bag
2:25 – Mirra Safety Gas Masks
3:54 – Mirra Gas Filters
4:22 – Bottom Right Section
4:57 – Top Right Section
5:42 – Left Side
6:04 – Live The Creed Medical Bag
6:56 – Wife’s Bag
7:12 – Outro


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