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Being a Survivalist – In a Crazy World

Viewing this will pretty well explain itself. It is my views on being and becoming, what I call a “survivalist”. It is strictly my opinion, and I hope it can help with who you are and where you are at. It is a crazy and changing world, and the years ahead will no doubt be the most surprising and dangerous in this century. I hope you will consider the consequences of an up side down world, and how you and your family will survive it.

An Expat living in the Philippines going on 9 years, married for over 7 years to a Filipina. Together we have created a garden and farm living, striving toward self-sufficient independence on 1 1/2 hectares, 3 acres, on the Island of Bohol. My wife Beth and I have many interests and will share, with our viewers, a wide variety of videos on gardening: trees, flowers, and vegetables, and farming rice, mangos, coconuts, bananas, avocados, pomelos, and oranges. You will learn the methods of planting, fertilizing, and harvesting trees and vegetables. View our raising of native and broiler chickens, and raising, feeding and selling native pigs and piglets. We will show you the art of canning and preserving vegetables and meat dishes ready to heat and eat. We enjoy cooking a variety of different local and international foods, and you will learn about the Philippine Culture in town and country, with our neighbors and friends. Please join us in our daily life and experiences as we grow, love, and enjoy our many friendships, the local culture, and the Philippine flavor of life.
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